Thursday, 18 September 2014


Hello scary face!

Just in case anyone wanted to watch it,
I thought I would post it here.


Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


If I am honest since Ava has been born Jonny and I haven't had that much time when it has just been the two of us.  As in we have time when it is just us two, thank goodness for half seven bed times, but we are not very good at booking things in advance to have special evenings together.  Does that make sense?  Probably not.

We keep meaning to find a good babysitter and then once a month go out for dinner/a film/a show/just a drink, but we have never got round to it.  Where do you go to find a good babysitter as I worry about Ava waking up and there just being a complete stranger there and it freaking her out.  I know I am that mother...

So when we were up at my parents because we were potty training and had lots of family around, Jonny and I took the opportunity to sneak off on Sunday morning.  

It wasn't just for a romantic coffee date, it was also to buy some much needed things for the new baby without a little person distracting us or making it take double the amount of time.

After crossing off all the 'to buy' items, we headed to Costa for coffee and a cake and a long and winding conversation.  It felt like the old days of Bath as I had a gingerbread latte which always reminds me of when we lived there.

We chatted and spoke about the past, the present and the future and it felt so good to give Jonny 110% of my attention because I forget how much attention Ava takes when she is around.  Sorry Jonny...

I know it isn't a big step but it is a little one and maybe we can fit in more of these breaks in the future because they make me feel sane and I love having fun with just Jonny, as well as having fun with my little family.

My parents have also agreed to look after the littles on the evening of our anniversary, which I know isn't until the end of December but it has got me so excited.  It will be the first anniversary in a couple of years when Jonny will not be working so I am really looking forward to doing something special just us two.  Got to keep the spark alive :)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


I was in Boots just having a bit of a wander around the drugstore make-up section when I came across the Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow Monos.  

Now I am not a big eyeshadow wearer.  To be honest my day to day make-up routine is pretty simple with the least number of steps because: {a} I have a little person who wants my full attention;  and {b} I am lazy and I tend to wear eyeshadow on special occasions or going out for dinner that sort of thing.  As a result I have never been a eyeshadow palette buyer as I would never use all the colours so tend to buy individual eyeshadows in neutrally colours because that is all I wear and can cope with doing: I am not a pro when it come to eye make-up, far from it.  Also I think my eyes are quite small and deep set so too much and it makes them look even tinier.
Anyway, when I came across the Maybelline eyestudio eyeshadow monos they were kind of my cup of tea and the thing I am drawn too.  I picked up 720 iced fudge {left} and 105 rose tint {right}.  

Iced fudge is a shimmery brown but not overly glittery if that makes sense.  I think it is the perfect colour to put in the outer corner of your eye and blended in your crease.  This is how I wear it anyway.
While rose tint I tend to wear all over the lid with iced fudge blended as I said above.  Rose tint has a slight pink tint to it with the same shimmer and slight glitter.  The pink is not that noticeable with a thin coat but can be built up to create a much more pink shade.  I prefer not building it up as I like it to look more neutral, but each to their own.

The eyeshadows are really lightweight and easy to blend able which are both positives.  Also I quite like the simple packaging.  I haven't used the sponge applicator so have no idea what it is like.  It can crease a bit after a while and fade a bit over the day but generally I think for the price it is not bad at all.

So there we go. 

Monday, 15 September 2014


My car buddy that wouldn't nap // Just me hanging outside 4 Privet Drive
Ava's coming home outfit all ready for baby #2 // How adorable does she look
Lunch dates // Someones big girl bed
Pretty flowers // A french plait, who would think her hair was long enough
Dead to the world // Someones A/W2014 wardrobe has been growing recently

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
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