Tuesday, 15 December 2015


So my Blogmas lasted how long?  I have missed four posts in a row.  I am so annoyed at myself because I really wanted to keep to my promise and instead I failed.  Once I missed one well I thought I have missed one so I might as well make the most of this weekend with my family and enjoy spending the time with them rather than sitting in front of a laptop ignoring them.

And here we are.

Blogging is something I really enjoyed and yet find so hard to fit into my life.

The reality is that in the last year I have realised what I find rewarding and what rejuvenates me and a lot of that is spending time with my family and friends not spending more time away from them tip tapping on here.

If anything I find blogging has become something that just makes me feel bad more and more rather than being fun to me anymore.

I cannot give my blog the attention it needs to make it into what I want it to be: be that photos, blog design, post content, writing, etc etc.

I am constantly frustrated by it not living up to my expectations because I can't take all the shots I need because I have two little girls to look after.  Or I take the photos and then the girls are sitting in front of CBeebies so I can get it all done, which makes me feels so false when I am trying to portray this perfect image of crafting together when really I am away from them trying to write up one activity.

Additionally my family is not perfect by any stretch which is why I love them.  We are only human after all, but on my blog I feel the pressure to censure myself be: it my personality, humour, toddler meltdowns, how I am feeling and a whole lot more and a result I don't really see the point because it doesn't reflect my life.  Instead I feel the pressure to be perfect and constantly compare myself to others and it is true "comparison is the thief of joy".

A lot has gone on this year, a lot that I will never publicly address on here, and as a result I feel it is the right time to close this chapter and move on.  I want to put my family first at the moment and concentrate on being present in my "real" life rather than doing things because they look like something off Pinterest.

Thank you for reading and following the last three years or so.

Lots of love



Thursday, 10 December 2015


This year we got two trees, open for the girls and then a big one for the family.  And I have to say I think it might be our new tradition. 

Ava and Esme loved decorating their tree and we even surprised them with some Frozen decorations to put on it.
 Also can we just take a minute to admire our wreath.  I know isn't she pretty?

And I actually made that .

Yes I am giving myself a pat on the back and showing off because I am not great at crafts at all.

So finally a craft success.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015


This time of the year would not be complete without baking some gingerbread.  Now to be totally honest our first attempt was a total disaster.  I followed a new recipe and it did not turn out right at all.  But luckily I went back to my trusty recipe out of a kids cookery book which worked perfectly.

And then came the fun bit, icing them.  Ava and I iced them together while Esme was having a nap.  It was so much fun although I think Ava ate more smarties than she put on the biscuits.

Ava loves baking so I love doing these sorts of activities with her and they are perfect for her age as she loves rolling out the dough and then being all creative with bright icing.

An added bonus is that now Jonny can take some to work as well to spread the festive cheer. 
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