Thursday, 23 April 2015


So I am way behind on blog posting.  I moved the computer back to its rightful place in the attic and the stairs put me off going on up there, especially when the sofa is so cosy and I have a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream in my hand.

Anyway not last weekend but the weekend before, we decided to spend a Sunday in Surrey.  Ok so we live in Surrey so spending a day there isn't exactly big news, but we have never really explored that much so we decided to hit a few spots we had heard about especially as the weather was so nice.

I did do a very quick video about it and you can watch it if you want.

But if you are a more photo and words person then

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


At six months Esme:

- is even nosier than at five months which has resulted in her being able to move.  She uses her legs to push herself around on her back and when she gets going, well, she can move some way.

- has two little teeth which are so adorable.

- has one of the sweetest temperaments I have come across.  She is just so content and happy.

- is showing more and more personality.  I love that with every day I get to see just a little more of who is she is and the little girl she is becoming.

- says "dada" and Jonny wants to count it as her first word which I totally disagree with as her first word will be "mama" which it definitely a proper word ;)

- loves her knitted teddy she got at my parents last weekend.  It is her favourite thing.

- adores Ava and always smiles whenever she sees her.  The two of them together are just so cute it melts my mama heart.  And yes I know I say that every month.

- isn't that interested in sitting up, she would rather be rolling around on the floor.

- loves her food and is now having three meals a day with her milk.  This girl can eat.

Esme we love and are so proud of you.

Love you Baby xxx

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


41.  Knowing there isa shoulder to cry on, if I should need it.

42.  Having music playing.

43.  Impromptu dancer parties as a result of said music playing.

44.  Cleaning out my wardrobe.

45.  Giving unwanted clothes to the charity shop.  Makes me feel so good.

46.  London.

47.  Longer evenings together,  Rare but amazing.

48.  Telling my girls how proud I am of them.

49.  Crossing things off my to do list.

50.  The first night of sleeping in a clean bed

Monday, 13 April 2015


This Saturday we finally made it to Guildford.  We had heard Guildford had lovely cobble streets and lots of shops so it was surprising we hadn't made it there earlier as we all know how I love some shops.

And I have to say all we had heard was not wrong, which ended up in me spending too much money. There is going to be a haul video up on my YouTube channel later this week.  But it also meant that we had some really great sushi for lunch which made me extremely happy as did the outfit I got for Esme.  It is so adorable.

Now time for a few more photos...
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