Monday, 26 January 2015


This used to be Life Lately according to Long John Silver but as Long John Silver is no more, hello new phone that actually works, I have decided it has to be just Life Lately as my new phone doesn't seem to have found its name yet.
muffin making // ootd
smiles // making friends
beautiful views, Claremont Landscape Garden // peepo
roses // green smoothies
looking cool // sticker fun, thanks Ava
cute shoes // my first Christmas dinner

It has been far too long since I have done one of these.

And now we are all caught up.

Some of these are on my IG and some I share on a feed on my phone with family so they get to see lots of photos of the girls. 

If you have a family that lives a while away, it is a brilliant way to share photos and videos so we can all keep up to date.

Well I like it anyway.

Hope Monday is treating you well lovelies. 


Friday, 23 January 2015


On Sunday we decided to head to Bicester village for a spot of retail therapy. It wasn't a totally random choice, Jonny needed some shoes resoled and Bicester was the easiest place to go.

We shopped, handed in the shoes, shopped, ate and shopped some more.

Jonny wanted to treat me and I have to say I was rather unsuccessful. Let's rephrase that majorly unsuccessful.

I head into the shop quickly look round before heading to either the little girls' section if they have one and buying lots for the girls. Or I head to the door disillusioned, confused and just feeling a bit down.

For a while now, really since my pregnancy with Ava so a long while, I have not really felt confident in my own skin.

Obviously pregnancy changes your figure because you are growing a little person inside yourself but I found it so difficult. I felt like everything changed and found it overwhelming. My clothes didn't fit and when they did they didn't fit in the same way which I found really difficult.

Instead of giving myself grace, I spend far too long analysing myself in the mirror especially my tummy. I think fat fat fat instead of I am doing amazingly saying I had a baby three months ago.

I sometimes wonder how Jonny can find me attractive with my scrapped back hair, makeup free face and my uniform of a baggy tshirt with a pair of leggings.

And all this means I don't think I am worth buying clothes for.

I like to think that over time this will change, but at the moment I am not sure it will.  I can't face being in the changing room surrounded by trousers that don't fit trying to swallow the massive lump in my throat never mind dealing with the slightly bigger issue of self worth.

So instead I am just going to try and give myself a little grace and you never know it might help other things slot into place.

One can hope.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


At three months:

Esme is sleeping like a trooper and I love it. We have started putting her down in her cot after her 8pm feed which means Jonny and I now get a couple of hours just us two before we give her her dream feed and change. Those few hours are like magic and we have time to: talk, watch the kardashians (my guilty pleasure), read, or just stare into space.

Esme is coming and joining in the conversations more and more. She coos and gurgles away and she loves us talking back to her. Her face just lights up.

Esme loves music just like ava. She also likes watching Ava dance around.

Esme loves Ava and Ava can calm down Esme and it is so lovely to watch. The two of them together are so sweet. When Esme gets older I am going to be in trouble as the two of them will run circles around me.

Esme loves her milk and is beginning to get properly chubby.  There is nothing better than a chunky baby.

Esme is awake more and more and seems to be settling into more of a nap routine rather than being asleep quite a lot of the time. So when she is awake now she is so much more interactive and interested in the world around her, especially her hands.  I think she could look at her hands all day and most days she does hahah.

Esme's hair is looking redder and redder by the day.  I have a little red head!

I just love watching her and am trying to store it all in my memory bank: the way she looks at you and raises her eyebrow; the way she holds onto my finger and that baby smell.

I just love being your mummy meme.


See Ava's three month update here.

Monday, 19 January 2015


It was a Saturday, last Saturday to be exact, and the weather was bleak. Horizontal rain meant the end  of any potential fun. But as we had a plan and were sick of being inside as cabin fever was quickly rearing its head, we decided to take our chance and go for a drive in the hope of finding somewhere or something.

Before we knew it the rain stopped and there was a sign to Claremont Landscape Garden. It was meant to be, especially as a National Trust tea room meant scones and we are a scone lover family. Well Ava just likes to lick the cream and jam off but that is by the by.
The gardens were breathtaking even on a dark rather gloomy Saturday so I bet they are totally amazing on a bright blue sky kind of day.  We walked round the lake and took in the view from the top of the amphitheatre before heading for some lunch in the tea room.
Before we made it to the tea room though there was an "oh no" moment. Ava was so busy looking at the map and telling us all about it that she tripped and landed in the biggest muddiest puddle ever.  Her jeans, wellies, and socks were coated in a thick layer of mud as were her hands which she wiped on her coat.  Thanks for that Ava.
Typical Ava bless her, just a little clumsy. She carried on her narration though and carried on stomping through every muddy puddle so it didn't put her off at all.

Soup was had as were sandwiches before we forced down some scones. I thought only having one scone each just showed how much we were sticking to our healthy eating New Years resolution.
We then piled back into the car and the fresh air worked its magic as both girls were soon fast asleep which meant Jonny and I could chat without a running commentary from the back and eat gummy bears to our hearts content without trying to hide them.

It was a good day.
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