Tuesday, 28 July 2015


On Friday we headed out for a play date, a walk in rain.  The forecast was for heavy showers so were suitably suited and booted for the occasion.

Ava loves splashing in puddles so obviously she was in her element.  "Splash! Splash!  Splash!" was said a lot.

We were actually lucky in that it only rained really lightly for most of the walk and only started pouring it down at the end.  We even managed to find somewhere to dry off with a cup of tea and a chocolate muffin.
And of course Ava made some friends while we were drinking our tea.  My little girl makes friends wherever we go.  Children, adults, babies and sometimes even animals, Ava just likes making friends.

By the time we got home I was soaked.  It looked like my jeans had some sort of fade rinse on them  but it was just the result of being outside in a downpour.

I hope Ava and Esme remember these fun little adventures: I think Ava enjoyed as she talked about it for the rest of the day, a sure sign of success.

Monday, 27 July 2015


I have decided to take on the quest on where to find the best cookie, cupcake and a whole host of other things in the city I call home, good ol' London town.

The first place I had to mention was Hummingbird Bakery.  They are famous for their red velvet cupcakes so if you are new to the game, start there and expand.  I personally love the black bottomed cupcakes and can also manage a piece of the carrot cake {although it is big enough to share}.

The frosting on red velvet cupcake is cream cheese frosting, and is light and sweet but not too sickly sweet if you get my gist.  Obviously it is enough to give you that sugar rush because who doesn't love that.

The cake is light and airy and melts in the mouth, not dry in the slightest which is terribly important in a cupcake.

The cake boxes for one cupcake are also so sweet and I love the fact my takeaway coffee comes in a pink cup.  Not important things but they make my smile a little bit bigger.

I would really recommend  if you are ever near one of their branches.

If you have any recommendations for me to try let me know.  I HAVE to try them all out in the name of a fair competition.  It is a tough gig but someone's got to do it.

Sunday, 26 July 2015


As you know I am back doing weekly vlogs, I think vlogs are perfect Sunday viewing so I thought I would leave mine here just incase you fancied watching it.

Please let me know what you think.

And if you did enjoy it don't forget to like and subscribe, it would mean so much.

Lots of love xx

Friday, 24 July 2015


Nine months.  Nine months...

It went quick this time, I am sure I said that with Ava but this time it went even faster.   So fast that I haven't even had time to process it all.

On a total side note I have decided I am a processor.  I have to go through every thing with fine tooth comb to understand it all, make sense of every decision or thought and how we got here.  It is why I take a long time to forgive and hardly ever forget because once I process something it is there in the vault waiting in case I ever need it again.

Anyway nine months.

Could I write "nine months" any more times?

At nine months, Esme:

- has four teeth and is cutting two more, her front top teeth.  And it hurts and I want to make it better but sometimes there is nothing you can do apart from cuddle and shush like the best of them.

-- loves rolling and is a champ at it.  I sometimes wonder whether she will ever crawl and she is such an efficient roller and scooter and then she got up on her knees and crawls backwards.  So yes, the jury is out on that one.

-- is the sunniest.  She is just so content and happy and her little giggle.  It melts my heart.

-- is getting more and more vocal every day.  She now says "dada", "mama", "baba", "fffff", "yeye" and also sucks her teeth like she is a boss and pretends to have conversations.

-- can sit up by herself so much better and has stopped falling backwards finally.  Although she loves doing it still on the bed: she is a reckless one.

-- can clap sometimes and will give a kiss if you ask but only when no-one else is watching.

-- loves ripping paper and then if I'm not careful she will eat it.

-- loves eating anything and everything.

-- is a basic joy.

More and more of her personality shines through every day and it is so lovely watching her get more confident.

We love you Esme and are so proud of you.

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