Monday, 22 December 2014


I am sitting here writing this on my phone before emailing it to myself to copy into a blog post. I know it is probably a long winded way of doing it but it is how I do things and also it is because Ava is napping which means quality time with Esme, she is asleep on me and it is one of the best things ever.

I thought before I wrote about Esme at two months I would just write a little about how I am feeling too rather than having a separate post partum post because, to be honest, I am lucky to get one post up with a photo never mind two.

At the moment I am feeling quite guilty. Guilty that I am not paying Esme as much attention as I would like as I have a little whirling dervish, also known as Ava, always around taking most of my attention.

When Ava was this little I spent hours cuddling her or just watching her. Taking it all in and taking a million photos to capture every new thing, but this time if I take a photo every couple of days I think that is a success. All the little things seem to blur into one and I am not really giving them the time they deserve. Esme is cooing: it might be the cutest thing ever.

I just feel guilty that I am not giving her the same time that I gave Ava and I know that is because being a mother of two is totally different to just having your first but I just don't want it to be. But being realistic it will be and I can't help that.

What I like to think though is that she Esme knows she is loved, and she is lucky because she has one more person than Ava had, that adores her and loves her as much as Jonny and I do. So Esme is one lucky girl.

And now time for the two month update:

Esme is smiling and my those smiles. They are just adorable and worth the wait. I had forgotten how precious those gummy smiles are.

Esme is also cooing and is way more vocal. Our house is a mad house especially when Ava is running around dancing and singing let it go at the top of her lungs and now Esme is joining in too. I just love hearing her little voice and Ava's reaction is adorable as she goes over and has a conversation with her.

Esme is more alert and awake and you can see her just taking it all in.

Last week Esme had her first set of injections. The injections are the only thing I really am not the biggest fan of.  I know she needs them and would never not give them her, but that cry when it goes in, well it just breaks my heart.

Esme has outgrown all of her newborn clothes. This makes me so sad my baby is not a newborn anymore.

Esme has really good neck control even the doctor commented on it.

Esme is still sleeping well and is just generally really relaxed and chilled out. Although she does have her moments occasionally I can tell you.

We love you Esme and are so proud of you.


Friday, 19 December 2014


So here is the obligatory Christmas tree post, because that is why you have a blog so you can do such posts...isn't that right?

Ok so it is not the most original post by any stretch of the imagination but I do one every time we have a tree {last one here} so why change the habit of a lifetime.

This year we got a massive tree because, well why not?  We had the space due to moving into a much bigger place and having hardly any furniture and we had to make up for not having a tree last year.

After sawing off three branches with a bread knife {typical Londoners ;) }, breaking a Christmas tree stand; buying a new Christmas stand; having it standing outside without the netting on for a couple of days she was finally up and decorated.  Yes our tree is a unknown though, although I want to say Shirley.

So there aren't really enough lights and I don't think I have really put the decorations on that well but to be honest with a toddler as my helper we are lucky Shirley is still standing.

On that note time for some more photos...
If you are in the market for some decorations my favourite place is The Christmas Shop in Liberty.  We go there every year to get a few special ornaments, you can read about it here.  Or you could always make your own like Ava did.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


In the summer I tend to prefer to use BB creams or tinted moisturisers but with winter approaching and then arriving I decided it was time to buy a new foundation.  I decided to try Nars sheer glow foundation as I had heard it was a good foundation that was not too drying on the skin with a great range of shades.

Colour is always something I struggle with as I am quite pale anyway and in the winter I just seem to become more ghostly.  A lot of foundations don't seem to match my skin, making me look slightly orange or too pale like I am wearing mask, so I was really happy when I found a shade in this foundation that seemed to just melt into my skin.  It seemed to be the exact perfect colour.  In case you are wondering I have the foundation in Light2, Mont Blanc.  This is a major positive as it means I can wear the foundation where I need it rather than all over my face.

The coverage is not as sheer as the name would suggest.  I would say it is a medium coverage which I don't mind at this time of year as I think I need the extra coverage but if you want something really light then this is probably not the foundation for you.  It does blend really easily in my experience and also can be built up for those not great skin days which seem to be happening far too often for my liking around here lately.

Another plus is that I don't find this foundation to be too drying.  I tend to use quite thick moisturisers anyway in the winter as I do have normal to dry skin, so I don't know if this helps or if the foundation is just not that drying.  Whichever way, it works for me.
Finally I would say that the foundation stays all day which is really what matters.  No-one wants to have to reapply foundation or for it go patchy and this doesn't do either.  I was really impressed with this as rushing around after two little ones I don't have time to check myself in the mirror, never mind time to reapply, so I am really happy that I can put this on in the morning and then not really worry it.

The only negative I can find is that the bottle doesn't come with the pump and you have to buy it separately, which is slightly annoying especially as Ava loves to undo lids.  And what makes the lack of pump more annoying is that nowhere seems to have the pumps in stock.  Maybe it is just London that isn't stocked but those pumps seem like gold dust. 

So all in all I would really recommend this foundation, I love it and think it is definitely worth spending a little more, especially if you find it hard to find a colour that matches your skin.

Monday, 15 December 2014


Cute outfits and smiles // All ready in her party dress
Fascinated by the birds // Time to change baby's nappy
Be still my heart // Birthday girl
Violet love // Floral tiny leggings
I can't believe how much she has grown // An Ava selfie special

These are just a few of the photos from around these parts lately.
A few have been missed off,
the joy of having a new phone and not restoring it yet.
But if you want to see some others then follow me on instagram:
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