Sunday, 23 November 2014


Jonny decided to take off Ava's birthday so we decided to do something fun to make the day extra special.  We were lucky that it was one of the few days last week where it didn't pour down and we took it as a sign to head to Bocketts Farm.

Bocketts Farm is a farm in Surrey where you can: feed the animals, watch goats being milked, stroke rabbits and chickens, race pigs and there is  a big soft play area too just in case all the animals weren't enough.

So obviously it was the perfect place to take a toddler.
^^  Ava loved seeing all the animals although I think the difference between a horse and a donkey was lost on her...bless her.  They all go neigh to Ava.

And I think I have never said "keep your hand flat" so many times, I was like a broken record when Ava was feeding the animals.  Ava liked to curl up her fingers so the feed wouldn't fall on the floor which made feeding the animals slightly more stressful.

There was also some sort of goat maybe, I am not sure what it was, but it was quite big with horns and when Jonny fed it this massive tongue came out covering his handing saliva.  Ava found this hilarious and wanted him to feed it over and over again. ^^
^^ Ava loved stroking the rabbits and guinea pigs and she even got brave enough to touch the chicken.  We went round stroking each for quite a long time and at one point Ava wanted to pick up the rabbit and take it with us.  As I keep writing on here, I think we are going to have lots of pets in our future because Ava just loves animals so much.

She also loved watching the mice and gerbil things run around their cages and would point them out to us and where they were hiding.

And don't even get me started on the budgies and chickens.  Ava loved the rooster's call and even danced to it--who knew you could dance to a roosters call?  And the budgies, well she just got so excited when they flew around.  I think we could have left her their watching them for the best part of an hour no problem ;) ^^
^^ And of course here is the obligatory candle and cake photo because I wouldn't be a proper Mum if I didn't post one of these. ^^

We had such a lovely day and my Baby Girl is definitely not a baby anymore.

They grow up so fast.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


First of all I cannot believe that my Baby Girl is two today.  Two!  Where has the time gone!?

I know this is the second post I have started with that in so many days but...well I can't get my head round it.
At two years of age Ava:

- is such a little helper.  She is always offering to help and loves to be involved in chores; fun trips; basically anything.

- loves toes more than anything especially Esme's toes.  "Meme" is always followed by toes.  Esme must have amazing toes!

- is a big girl as she is totally potty trained and there are no nappies even for long car journeys.  I thank God after every long car accident free journey. 

- is always busy, busy, busy! She never sits still and is always on the go and up to something be it: trying to put on my shoes; reading a book to ted or just kissing "Meme".

- is an amazing big sister.  Watching her this last month has made my heart swell with pride.  Ava has adapted so well and is not jealous in the slightest: she is more likely to suffocate "Meme" with love rather than anything else.

- loves to have conversations with you which other people, not just me, now understand.  Her speech has come along so much recently it is incredible.  I will have to start watching what I say around her soon.

- is obsessed with "cheeeeeeese" and she would eat it all day everyday if she could especially if she could have it with "marmiiiiite".

-loves to turn on the lamps and then say "taadaa!"

-has the cutest ponytail and curly hair ever.

And really I should stop now because I could keep writing forever.

Baby, Girl

We love you so much and are so proud of you.

All our love always,

Mummy and Daddy


Tuesday, 18 November 2014


This week is Ava's baby girl is turning two, how did this happen?

Anyway, last weekend my family came to visit us so they could give Ava her presents and see her reactions when she opened them.  

They were kind of all along the same theme because my parents got Ava a kitchen, so the rest of her gifts were mainly food and kitchen accessory themed.   Ava now has a better stocked kitchen than I do, if only her food was real I would not need to shop for weeks ;)
At the beginning I think Ava was a little unsure about the kitchen.  I am not sure whether she realised it was her special little kitchen and also what to do with it.  But after playing with Nana and Auntie Kiki for a couple of minutes she got the idea and we were all being brought cups of tea and sandwiches until we could have no more--well, until Ava had given us all the food and then she had to come and collect it all so we could start the whole process all over again.
So I think the kitchen was a massive hit and it is now her most favourite toy.

Today I have loved just watching her play with it and seeing her watch me and then mimic my culinary skills in her kitchen, it makes me laugh so much. She is such a little person now and I love seeing how her mind works.

Also if I am honest she has probably mastered all my kitchen skills already because I am not exactly a Master Chef. 

And on that note, over and out.

Friday, 14 November 2014


Little bunny // Minnie Mouse ears
Strolling // Us, girls.
Dancing with Daddy // New Baby gifts
Duck watching // Teeny tiny newborn
Meme // Splashing in puddles
Little poser // Sisterly love

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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