Thursday, 19 November 2015


I  know I have been dragging out these New York posts and to be honest that wasn't really my intention.  Although it has to be said that it is nice to have some material there and ready to post about.  

We are getting there with these posts and I think after this one there is only a couple more left about New York and then maybe on/two about my views on flying there.  So there is an end in sight, don't worry.

I hope you don't mind the recommendations and such like, I enjoy these sorts of posts and bookmark them for places I visit or plan to.  

They especially cheer me up at the moment as I have the worst cold ever, and that is no exaggeration.  I have had it for a week so far and it seems to just be getting worse...great!  

Anyway onto the post.  
120 Hudson St, N.Y.C.

Apparently I had heard that this was the place to go for pancakes,
so of course we had to go there and order them.
And, oh my life!!!!!!!!!
I have never had pancakes like those.
They were so fluffy and light and worth all the hype.

I loved Bubby's as a whole, it was just was relaxed and chilled,
with a friendly warm atmosphere.
Somewhere I couldn't definitely see us going back to,
especially when we take the girls back to NYC.

Also downstairs by the toilets there is an old photo booth, 
waiting to take your photo so you can remember your pancake joy forever. 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


60 East 54th St, N.Y.C.

A cosy little place that has a more of a speakeasy vibe.
Lots of cocktails on offer:
mine was like rocket fuel, 
in the end I admitted defeat and order another.

Does a mean margarita.

Top tip:
if you want a table arrive early as gets busy,
especially with business men.

109 East 42 St at Grand Central Terminal, N.Y.C.

An easy one for us to go to when we got there as we stayed at this hotel.

Nothing to write home about but useful 
if you wanted a quick drink before the airport or whatever.
Also a good place to grab some food if you were staying here on a business trip alone.

700 5th Avenue at 55th St, N.Y.C.

This is the rooftop bar at the Peninsula hotel.
And I think it is pretty special with its two roof terraces.

The views are amazing and well worth coming here for.
It is a favourite for New Yorkers and travellers alike.

I only ordered wine so have no idea what the cocktails were like,
but I think you can assume they would be good.

But you come here to sit outside and enjoy your drinks surrounded by skyscrapers.
It just felt "New York"
if that makes any sense.

Probably my favourite out of the ones we visited this time.

Other New York recommendations from previous trips:

A speakeasy you acres through a phone booth in a hot dog shop.
One of the most well known speakeasies in N.Y.C.
and still unbelievably popular.
Loved it for the entrance alone.

Tiny little restaurant which is in the bottom of the "friends" building.
Lovely food and cosy atmosphere.
I almost felt like I was dining at a friend's house or something.

Haven't been here myself but Jonny has 
and he is harder to impress than me.
Good food and good vibe.
Definitely somewhere I want to try in the future.

Friday, 13 November 2015


Pier 212, N.Y.C.

Now I just want to start by saying that these photos do not do justice 
to the scenery and how breath taking it was.

Jonny booked this for us and I am so happy he did.
It is something to splash out more on but in my opinion totally 
worth it on so many levels and is something you will never forget.
It made our trip so special.

We did the longer ride which took us up Manhattan to see Central Park.
Stunning is the word.

The guide was really good and thorough.
Telling us lots of interesting information.

I won the jackpot with my seat. 
Was right by the window and on the right side to see it all first.

And I got to ride on a helicopter which I have never done before.
And it felt pretty cool.

I could try and write words but they wouldn't convey how great it was.

So my advice would be to go for it.

Oh and remember to print everything off.
As we found out being paperless is not a thing there.

Thursday, 12 November 2015


If you are from the U.K. you will totally get what fireworks night is but if not well the 5th November is the day Guy Fawkes tried to blow up parliament back in the reign of James I.  Luckily he was stopped and every year we celebrate this with fireworks and bonfires.

The last fireworks night I had been to was when we were back at University so a looooong time ago and as a parent it is my duty to use my children as an excuse to go to such things.  So I managed to get tickets to the local school's fireworks event which meant it was early-ish and not a long walk.  Score!
Ava loved it of course.  She loves fireworks: the bangs do not bother her at all.  She was in her element with her glow sticks, flashing wand, face painting, cake eating extravaganza.

Esme loved it as well, particularly her flashing wands.
It was a great day out and Jonny and I really enjoyed it too.  There was prosecco to be drunk, responsibly of course, it was our type of fireworks night.  But most importantly it was amazing to see the girls faces and have a laugh as a family.

I think it will definitely become a tradition for the four of us.

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